Awakening. Acting. Doing. Making. Creating. Standing. Experimenting. Risking. Choosing.

I Am. I Act. I stand in the center of my Truth and I create a new world. A world that works for everyone.

I stand in the center of my Truth and I reach out and join others who stand in the center of their Truth. Together we join hands and will and purpose and love to create a world that works for everyone.

Enough of the talk, the wondering, relying on channeled messages, and waiting.

The whistleblowers are acting. The Occupiers are acting. Anonymous is acting.

Time to get out of the backseat or passenger seat and into the drivers’ seat. We can choose where to act and whom to join hands with. We can start making the world a better place today. We can volunteer today.

We can act, write, sing, march, build, heal, plant, teach, invent, reach out and support today.

If not now, when?

About Pat Donworth, D.Min.

I express myself as teacher, writer, and consciousness explorer. These driving interests have manifested in my work/service as a university and hospital chaplain; a book and magazine writer/editor, and teacher and workshop leader. I designed this blog to be a portal that points to and assists awakening souls to implement, and make practical, the changes that will usher in a new world based on unity, compassion, and collaboration.
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