American Kabuki: Ancient Aliens

Mayan man in the mask, Spaceman or Scuba Diver?

American Kabuki, March 31, 2012

Whether UFOs and ET are real or not, has never been an issue for me. My father saw them flying over Germany in World War II from his P-38 fighter plane. They called them foo-fighters. Much too fast to catch  with a P-38. As were the supersonic jets the Germans had long before Chuck Yeager ever flew one.

Dad was P-38 flight instructor in the first part of the war, and good instructors were too valuable to waste sending overseas as the US Army Air Corps trained thousands of pilots for WWII.  As near as I can tell from the time frame and locations of his service, he was probably one of the P-38 flight instructors of the Tuskegee Airmen in Georgia.  Dad said they did really well.  I haven’t got all of dad’s records yet from the military so I am not 100% sure of that, but its very likely as he was also in Foggia Italy the same time they were. Still trying to determine if his war records were lost in a fire.

My father also flew fighter escort for President Roosevelt’s plane trip to Yalta.  He drank vodka with our Russian and British allies there.  Mom has his flight log book where the days are simply marked “secret”.

I heard so many adventures of those years in the North African campaign, the invasion of Sicily and Italy and his dive bombing runs over the Alps into Germany and how if he got shot down they told them to take a certain street car in Belgrade and the conductor would get him out via the Yugoslavian underground resistance. My Uncle was decorated for valor by General Mark Clark at Anzio. I don’t think Dad ever adjusted to boring civilian life. It never quite lived up to those years in the Air Force.

Dad told us accounts of touring the Vatican catacombs with other GIs and how hardened GIs went running for daylight after they heard dis-incarnate voices in the labyrinth of the catacombs. Dad said he’d never go back to the Vatican. He also saw Padre Pio have an episode of stigmata during his only ever visit to a Catholic Church service. For many years after that Dad didn’t want much to do with religion.

He also talked a lot about the Illuminati and Mafia in Italy. Apparently the Mafia actually assisted the Americans as they didn’t like Mussolini any more than we did. Dad knew the Illuminati were behind Mussolini. I never knew how he knew what he knew, but I also knew I could never think of a time dad [ever] lied to me, except maybe about Santa Claus. Hardly unique that fib. It wasn’t until after his funeral that mom broke the news that he was in military intelligence. My talkative father took that secret to his grave. My brother and I just looked at each and said “say what?”  It’s just what men of that time did I guess, take secrets to their grave, because they trusted their government then. I’ve never been a great talker, I am kind of quiet and reserved in person like my mom, but I find I have that gift of gab when I write.

We lost something in this country, but it has not been because of the fighting men being worse now, the soldiers in this time are every bit as brave as the men in WWII. It’s the government [that] has changed. They no longer have the soldiers  backs. The ceased to be servants of the people. We’re waging wars for Wall Street Oligarchs. We Americans have become the enemy of our government when they turned all the cameras, senors, data mining databases, and secret internet asynchronous transfer mode router frame forwarding to NSA computers on us.  Crazy people are in charge and they are paranoid. Do bad shit long enough and it makes you friggin’ crazy and they are.  I am not speaking about well meaning law enforcement, I am speaking about the mandarins of the halls of power and corrupt politicians. I mean really, Congress passes laws against insider trading, the SEC jails Martha Stewart and leaves Jon Corzine walking? Congress excludes themselves from laws and the news media doesn’t say a word about it for years?

For many years I thought my dad as just a nutty crank, especially in my teen years when I was eager to have a boring dad like everyone else. What teen likes his family to stick out?  I mean if my dad was all that smart why wasn’t he rich? Still dad was a good dad, between his drill [sergeant] moments, he was also very loving and generous. He gave everything he had raising 6 children.

Dad read everything. We had a complete collection of the Great Books. Dad could recite poems from memory that he had learned in a one room school house on his parents homestead in Montana. He read Arthur C. Clarke, Heinlein,  and made a deal with the owner of Lute’s Pharmacy to sell him the month old Scientific American magazines and Analog Science Fiction. I learned vocabulary words from Scientific American. I remember my dad putting me on the hood of his 51 GMC truck and pointing to the moon and saying “men will go there in your life!” I really thought I’d have a Jetson car by age 30. And when Kennedy announced we were going to the moon I knew my dad’s predictions would come true for me.  Who stole my future? A Banker. Rockefeller.

The technology is there and has been there for decades!  But the same science that makes things fly with no wings is the same science that means you can produce electricity for nothing, and what would that do to Rocky’s oil empire?  I saw a Majestic 12 document once, had Rockefeller on it.  Explained everything about 60 years of UFO cover ups.

When I was a young man in Arizona, before ubiquitous air conditioning made it home to water wasting golfers and arthritic old people, I’d go exploring the volcanic tube ice caves (icy all year round!) of the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, hiking in the Superstition Mountains, Cavecreek, Carefree and Monument Valley. One of the things that always fascinated me was the Indian petroglyphs in carved into the stone patina of rock faces in the Arizona desert.

In the hot and bright Arizona sun there is quite a lot of ultraviolet light. As the rocks age in the sunlight over 50 years, the minerals in the rock oxidize and form a black patina.  You can actually date a land excavation by the color of the overturned or cut out rock surfaces. It takes the desert about 50-75 years to heal from bulldozing. One construction company I worked for developed a varnish type spray to return the rocks to aged look in a shorter period of time.

A close friend of mine told me about a petroglyphs he saw near Parker, Arizona not far from the Colorado River. He said it was a man in a space helmet looking through a telescope.

People laugh and chuckle at people who believe in UFOs. I think belief is the wrong word. You’ve either seen them, or know someone who has seen them or you haven’t seen them. Let’s be honest, what people disbelieve is not the UFOs but the fact others are telling the truth. I think some people won’t even believe their own eyes.

There were several motifs that repeated time and again in the petroglyphs — hands, game animals, snakes, swastikas (an ancient symbol for the wheel of life later co-opted by Hitler), and swirls.

Swirls always puzzled me. I thought maybe they were representations of the thermal mini-tornadoes — we called them “dust devils” — that race across the desert in the summer kicking up dust for thousands of feet. We’d chase [them] as children on the playground when they came through. Lately, after reading Marko Rodin’s work on vortex mathematics and David Wilcock’s book, The Source Field Investigations, I think they may have been about vortex points, especially the swirls I saw in Cavecreek. They are all over that place.

Dad’s hobby was jewelry making. His best friend owned a Nevada opal mine and dad had a fully equipped lapidary setup and tools for gold and silver smithing. He taught me early how to use a gold balance scale for weighing gold in Troy ounces and why you always use tweezers with the weights as sweat will corrode the brass and alter the weights. Dad loved [to] make opal rings for mom, a hobby she loved. He also made silver and turquoise jewelry and frequented the Indian trading posts in Scottsdale that traded Indian blankets, Kachinas, and jewelry to the tourist trade in the “West’s Most Western Town”.

Dad had a lot of friends and one was a Hopi. Dad asked the man one day about something he heard about portals up in the Navajo and Hopi lands. His Hopi friend told him the elders spoke of portals in various places; I think Shiprock was one, some in Monument Valley and Third Mesa. He said the best ones were in the canyon now covered in water behind Glen Canyon dam.  He said the Hopi and Navajo would create jewelry and go to a portal area (my impression they were in red sand stone cliffs) and sing, and would walk into the portal and emerge near San Diego and trade with the Indians there for food and game and return back to their homeland the next morning. That’s a distance of at least 500 miles, if not more. The Hopi have a history that goes way back longer than most white people believe the earth is, so I don’t know if this relates to a different era when the earth was energetically different, but from what I got from my dad this was a fairly common thing until the reservoirs were constructed in the early 20th century.

I met a local novelist at a dinner party once who said he had walked on Indian land near San Diego and found that walking the same path one direction took 20 more minutes than it did another direction, which is the sign of a time dilation of an energy vortex. I believe the Navajo and Hopi protested the construction over the sacred sites, but as usual the white man ignored them. They had no intention of telling the white man why they were sacred – why should they?

A few years later I ran into a Cherokee medicine man who told me these sites exist all over the earth and that indigenous people in the know can and do travel great distances with no mechanical transportation. He said one such portal exists at Mt Shasta and he was a gatekeeper of it, and not everyone can go through one; it depends on your energy vibration.

Anyway getting back to where I was heading in this article, I found [a] neat little collection of links on Facebook of urls to websites about various ancient artifacts, pyramids around the world. If you are curious about ancient civilizations like I am, you might be interested in this Facebook page:  I hope you enjoy this Friday night ramble of thoughts, this didn’t quite go as I expected but I’ll post it anyway.

Mayan Artifact Showing Space Ships and Triangle Anomaly on Sun


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