American Kabuki: Banker Resignations Now at 594

American Kabuki | April 14, 2012

Pat: AK’s list of banker resignations has just been updated to 594.

Here are the first dozen, then a link to AK’s website to continue reading.

Looks like the heat has been turned up!

1)  9/01/11 (USA NY) Bank of New York Mellon Chief Robert P. Kelly Resigns in a Shake-UP

2)  9/06/11 (BELGIUM) Dexia confirmed that its CEO Stefaan Decraene had left the company. Its exposures to sovereign debt in the PIIGS nations are larger than its core Tier 1 capital.

3)  9/08/11 (US OR) PremierWest chairman John Anhorn retires

4)  9/09/11 (GERMANY) European Central Bank (ECB) governing board member Jürgen Stark, who has resigned

5)  9/09/11 (US OR) Chief investment officer for the Oregon State Treasury Ron Schmitz  resigns.

6)  9/12/11 (HONG KONG) HSBC Group Hang Seng Bank Non-Executive Director Mark McCombe resigns

7)  9/12/11 (US PA) First Commonwealth Financial Corp, EVP strategic resources  Thaddeus J. Clements  resigns

8)  9/13/11 (US MA)  Eastern Bank wealth management head Carol McMullen  resigned

9)   9/14/11 (USA NJ) Columbia Bank CEO Raymond G. Hallock Announces Retirement

10)  9/14/11 (NEW ZEALAND) AMP NZ Office Limited (ANZO), Mark Verbiest has resigned as a director. His resignation arises due to his desire to devote the necessary time and energy to his prospective new role as Chairman of Telecom, assuming the Telecom de-merger is sanctioned by Telecom shareholders.

11)  9/15/11 (USA NY) Morgan Stanley, Chairman John Mack resigns

12)  9/16/11 (US FL)  Atlantic Coast Bank President and Chief Operating Officer Robert Larison  retires

Please continue reading at American Kabuki.


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