A Note from the Bix Weir… “Turning The Tables on the “Doubters”…PROVE IT!!!”

I liked the way kau’ila set this up, so I’m going to reblog his blog in its entirety. Thank you, as always, kau’ila, for your great work!

kauilapele | April 23, 2012

Kau’ila writes:

I now receive email updates from Bix Weir (www.roadtoroota.com), and just received the one I am posting below.

Remember that David Wilcock, in the Drake interview and his transcript of that interview, pointed out how some folks often look at any idea or article or evidence that says, “‘Good’ things really are happening for us… now!!” And then think or say or write, “That MUST be wrong.” No matter what it is, and no matter any evidence to the contrary. A completely negative, dark view like that, in my mind, simply assists the dark (the shadows) in hanging around just a little bit longer. Personally, I have no time for such views, and have no time for such people in my consciousness space.

So looking at what those “negative view of it all” folks often say, I felt this message from the Bix was appropriate to post.


Turning The Tables on the “Doubters”…PROVE IT!
by Bix Weir

“May you live in interesting times”…a Chinese curse 😮

This weekend I’ve been knee deep in analyzing all the “Conspiracy Theories” about the Good Guys taking out the Bad Guys and where it’s all going. It was supposed to be in the Friday Road Trip but I have clearly missed my own deadline. Should be out early next week.

But what I am coming across is a plethora of articles lately slamming the Conspiracy Theories and telling people to “give up the ghost” and wake up to the reality that we are 100% screwed no matter what happens. They claim that facing the reality of poverty, death and destruction is the only honest way to see the future and to “grow up and deal with it”.

So here’s what I have to say them…PROVE IT!

Prove that there isn’t a group of Good Guys working to take down the Banking Cabal. Prove that we are not about to return to a Gold Standard. Prove that our future is not full of hope and recovery. Prove the we are wasting our time and energy putting faith in the likes of Drake, Fulford, Wilcock and Roota!

That’s what the world made me do when I first discovered there was a plan to end the reign of the Banking Cabal! I spent the last 10 years PROVING IT and I’ve come up with mountains of evidence and connections:

The Road to Roota Theory

I was attacking the status quo of the Conspiracy Theories and everyone threw the gloves down and said “Before we believe you – you have to prove it.” Those who have followed my work and research have come to the conclusion that I am right….there IS a group of Good Guys that are working to take down the Bad Guys.

So now it’s their turn.


Don’t just say that all these people are lying and we shouldn’t believe them. Don’t just say that it’s all misinformation and is harmful to get peoples hopes up.


What gives them the right to throw a blanket claim over all the Conspiracy Theories that we are about to take the Bad Guys down without any proof that it is NOT happening? The world didn’t let GATA off the hook 13 years ago when they said Gold was being manipulated…they had to prove it. And they did.

So now it’s their turn. Anyone who claims that there is not a plan to take down the Bad Guys…


I had to.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir



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