Cosmic Detox and the Crumbling Matrix

Zen Gardner | April 26, 2012

Having any weird experiences lately? Good and bad? It appears these vibrational changes and the accompanying wake up are having some freaky consequences. Is the matrix breaking up and releasing its captive energies?

It’s nothing to fear.

Strange things are going to abound as we move into this next phase. Don’t be alarmed, but as the matrix starts to crack it will yield up caged energies of all types, again good and bad. It really is nothing to worry about but if you’re prone to fear it would be helpful to be near stronger people and/or spend extra time reading and watching uplifting information.

And stay informed. It will explain a lot.

Detoxing the Planet’s Soul

This vibrational purge is very similar to people detoxing on a massive scale. All these wonderful natural remedies we take to release the metals and toxins in our system that are available are fantastic. We all know we need to flush them out with plenty of liquids and not let the toxins lodge in our filtration system.

We need to do the same with our minds. People need to be conscious of what we’re going through, because detoxing doesn’t feel so good for a while. Right? So know that’s some of the stuff you’re experiencing.

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About Pat Donworth, D.Min.

I express myself as teacher, writer, and consciousness explorer. These driving interests have manifested in my work/service as a university and hospital chaplain; a book and magazine writer/editor, and teacher and workshop leader. I designed this blog to be a portal that points to and assists awakening souls to implement, and make practical, the changes that will usher in a new world based on unity, compassion, and collaboration.
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