Benjamin Fulford: Major Purge of US Puppets in Japan Continuing Behind the Scenes, Nato Terrorist State Group Being Cut Off

Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford | May 15, 2012

The top US criminal corporate government representative in Japan, Edward Nye, will no longer be welcome in Asia following the release of new information about his links to the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack on Japan. He is believed to be the author of a February, 2000 CIA report on the Japanese energy sector that stated the following: “In order to prevent Japanese national power from becoming any stronger and to prevent a resurgence of anti-American feeling in Japan it is necessary to put hand-cuffs on Japan’s energy sector over the long term. Nuclear energy now accounts for 30% of Japan’s power production.

The most effective counter measure would be to neutralize the main concentration of Japanese nuclear know-how, the Tokyo Electric Power Corporation. TEPCO has Japan’s largest market capitalization and it is a leader of Japan’s corporate and financial world. It is also very trusted by the Japanese people. To prevent Japan from becoming a nuclear power, it is necessary to destroy trust in TEPCO and drastically set back Japan’s progress in nuclear power.” This CIA report was quoted in the November 2002 issue of Zaikai Tenbo, a leading Japanese business magazine.

Many of the top Japanese and Korean agents working for the US corporate
government in Japan have already been or are about to be purged and now all
“Japan handlers,” working for the criminal corporate US mafia government are
being advised to get out of Japan and never come back.

There was also a meeting last week between representatives of the committee of
300, the White Dragon Society and an Asian secret society last week to discuss
the new financial system.

At the meeting, the committee of 300 representative, who we will refer to as J.,
offered the White Dragon Society a 1200 trillion dollar “Elizabeth Victory
Bond.” However, once again, it was not made clear exactly what real world stuff
actually backed this astronomical number (remember world GDP is about $75
trillion). The White Dragon Society made a counter proposal which was for an
initial donation of $100 million to the White Dragon Foundation to be used to
hire experts to begin planning the establishment of a world economic planning
agency. Further payments would be contingent on the presentation of detailed,
publicly acceptable and concrete development plans.

There was also a lot of discussion about Asian gold stashes. J. claimed that
most of the gold in the Philippines was removed after World War 2 and that since more than 50 years had passed the statute of limitations had run out and any claims to historical rights to that gold had thus expired.

There was some heated discussion between the 3 parties on the subject of Chinese gold that was evacuated to the US in 1938. The Kuomintang government of the time was given 60 year bonds backed by that gold and was given solemn promises the gold would be returned in 1998. In fact the Rockefellers, Warburgs, Rothschilds, Mellons, Morgans, Harrimans and other families behind the US Federal Reserve Board never intended to give the gold back. When Nixon restored US diplomatic relations with communist China in 1972, he gave a chunk of that gold to the Chinese communists. Needless to say a lot of mainland Chinese pockets were greased with that gold and the original owners are not too happy about that situation.

A Chinese communist government agent present at that meeting said the communist party considers all that historical gold and treasure in China to be property of the Chinese people. However, he said any Chinese gold taken out of China and deposited in Asia or elsewhere should be used for global economic development and that the Chinese communist government laid no claim on it.

There was thus a general agreement the gold should be used to back the new
financial system. J. said the committee of 300 would also accept the use of that
gold as a backing for any dollars or euros to be created in the future.

J. who claims links to the Japanese imperial family also had some interesting
history to share. He said Japan’s share of the gold removed from the Philippines
after WW2 was handled by a Mr. Shimura (no first name given) who was the real power behind post-war Japanese fixers like Yoshio Kodama and Ryoichi Sasagawa. The now deceased Shimura was able to call Prime Ministers and get them to immediately drop parliamentary business to hurry to his side, according to J.

J. was introduced to this writer by the head of a major financial institution
who is also a member of an Asian secret society.

Shimura, who was the top committee of 300 representative in Japan, hosted, as
students, such Asian leaders as Lee Kuan Yew, Aung San the father of Myanmar
Western darling Aung San Suu Kyi, Japan Democratic Party power broker Ichiro Ozawa and Chinese politburo member Li Keqiang among others.

He also said Chinese paramount leader Hu Jintao had a Japanese mother and spent time at Japan’s Waseda University as a student (this is not mentioned in Hu’s official CV). Hu is fluent in Japanese, according to J.

Needless to say, we could not independently verify much of this information and
remain wary of the possibility that J. provided this writer with a mix of
information and disinformation. However, most of what he said fits in with
reports from other inside sources and information available in the public

In any case, the battle against the financial mafia that illegally seized power
in the West is proceeding well.

The situation has reached the point where anybody with access to the internet
can see that the G5 terrorist countries (the USA, Germany, France, England and
Italy) and their shrinking group of slave states (like the Gulf of Arabia
monarchies run by Satanists) are being steadily isolated.

The non-aligned movement that favors world peace now includes over 140 states
including the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). The
war-mongering NATO group meeting in Chicago this week, by contrast, only
includes 28 countries.

These 28 countries as a whole are dependent on financing from the other 140
nations. Jacking up the price of oil sold by NATOs middle-Eastern slave states
is just not enough to pay the bills any more. Sabotaging Japan’s nuclear
industry and forcing Japan to buy more oil has not been enough either. That is
why there is this “world financial crisis,” which is really just a Western world
financial crisis.

The whole world has a message to the criminal cabal of Satan worshipping
oligarchs who enslaved the West: We want an end to war, an end to poverty and an end to environmental destruction. We also want you to release, in a safe and
responsible manner, all the energy and other technology that you have been
suppressing. We want you to stop behaving like criminals and become responsible global citizens.


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2 Responses to Benjamin Fulford: Major Purge of US Puppets in Japan Continuing Behind the Scenes, Nato Terrorist State Group Being Cut Off

  1. a February, 2000 CIA report on the Japanese energy sector ?

    ” … it is necessary to destroy trust in TEPCO and drastically set back Japan’s progress in nuclear power.”

    Hi, would you happen to know if Fulford says how he was privy to this report? A reputable source would be helpful. Sister Rose

    • Pat Donworth says:

      I haven’t seen any writing from Fulford as to how he was privy to the report. He appears to have all kinds of connections. I would say send him an email, but the best way may be to ask him the question at his blog. For that, go to, then hit “Comments” under the article blurb. I believe you can then leave a comment/question. Hope that helps. Thanks for visiting. Pat

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