We Are Becoming Consciousness Itself

Prevent Disease | May 18, 2012

This core Self or inner center which is left behind when all the various identities fall away, is the true essence of Self which emanates through all the layers of personality and mind. Very simply, it is the awareness “I Exist!” It can almost be described as the high vibratory frequency of love energy, individualized as each unique being, yet truly only One. This deep connection is being realized by many on planet Earth right now.

The divine paradoxes, involving the whole description of core Self, is that you cannot say of it that it actually does or does not exist. Once we name it, once you say it exists, it becomes a mere “thing”, an object, polarized or oppositional to you, the subject, whereas it is really the sum total of everything which includes you as a seemingly separate body/mind entity.

Self does indeed exist for it is Existence ItSelf, and it is beyond time and space as we believe in or seem to experience them. Ultimately time and space do not actually exist. They are mental concepts which help describe the body mind’s linear experience in the world. We experience time and space as essential reality only as long as we are identifies with the body as who we are. That which we truly Are is not fixed. It cannot be described or even limited within an ordinary frame of reference. Core Self is the only dynamic vital factor in our experience which is unchanging. It is unbound by the denser energy of judgments, beliefs, the ego with its multiple “I”s and personality gestures and most of all, the body. During those rare moments in time when we notice and palpably feel the ever-present and all encompassing presence of this Essence, it literally floods our being, emanating towards all those around us. We are then irresistibly drawn into THAT which is Truth — the Truth of Who We Are. This Grace is ever-present. It is this Essence within ourselves which brings it into experience.

In these rare moments, we are conscious and aware. Better stated, we become Consciousness ItSelf. We leave the cocoon of our normal waking slumber and look in wonder and awe upon the world. We exude a natural state of enthusiasm in this awakened state (which is not a state of mind, but Beingness at play). At this point we are not held by the denser frequencies of emotional reactivity, but have expended our awareness to encompass wholeness of Being in its truest sense.

From this awareness, which has no location in a physical sense (such as a body), we can perceive truth. We become aware or recognize that all “problems” and situations in our lives, and opinions and concepts about ourselves, are self-(ego) created. Indeed they are mere projections of mind (mind and ego being one and the same thing) . Polarity consciousness as experienced by Adam and Eve after eating of the tree of knowledge (of good and evil) and our usual linear thinking are temporarily abated and we can now see both sides of the issue. Whereas normally we are extremely polarized, being able to see only one side of an issue, the pieces of the puzzle, which are the fragments of self, fall together in seconds, so that we now experience the whole picture. It is as if we get a brief glimpse behind the curtain of personality. This whole process might last a few minutes and often a few seconds, and then suddenly, as if in a twinkling of an eye, we seem to be asleep again, robotically going through the motions of our everyday lives, becoming identified and caught in the web of each thought which passes through the mind. We are again hidden from core Self, indeed separated from God or the unlimitedness of Being, much like Adam and Eve, by our many ‘fig leaf aprons’ of personal pretense.

Many people experience a deep connection to core Self at least once in their lives, such as at the time of birth of a baby, a wedding, or some other deeply moving experience. One of the quiet moments of life, such as at the observation of a breathtaking sunset, when all thoughts about past and future recede into the background and only the beauty of the present moment exists, are the times when we also connect with this inner essence. Such experiences bolster the spirit, giving us the true sense of who we really are, when we momentarily break through the multifarious “I”, and recapture a true sense of Self.

This article was written by Dr. Paula Horan and appeared in Prevent Disease, on  May 18, 2o12.

Dr. Paula (Laxmi) Horan is known worldwide for her numerous books, seminars and retreats on alternative and complimentary therapies, authentic forms of vibrational medicine, integrative body/mind therapeutics and ground-breaking approaches to spirituality and non – dual awareness.



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