An Excellent Commentary on Today’s Cosmic Alignment and Its Potential Impact on our World!

“In simple terms – 20/ 05/ 2012 is the event-horizon which we are about to cross, in order that humanity’s multi-dimensional birthright becomes animated. It is the ‘cosmic trigger’ for the descent/ascent of 12th dimensional harmonics into our field of expression.”

Pat: Xavier Hermes posted this wonderful article at RMN today. The commentary is written by Sacha Stone, founder of Humanitad. It’s long but wow!, it will open up the meaning of this very significant solar event today.

Here is Xavier’s introduction:

The following excellent article was sent by a friend by e-mail this morning. It is written by Sacha Stone, the founder of the impressively high-principled Humanitad organisation (see link below).  -Xavier Hermes

A Comment on Today’s Cosmic Alignment by Sacha Stone, Founder of Humanitad


The following is an offering which is intended purely to aid insight into the gateway which occurs today: so that it’s relevance is not lost to us entirely in our state of human and planetary sleep. I believe it is important enough to warrant this notice. Forgive me if it ends up as clutter in your intray!


The Sunday May 20th Solar Eclipse – signifies a frequential gateway. It also denotes the start of a bumpy journey. It is of much importance. Unsurprisingly, we inhabit a world so intoxicated by trivia dressed up as current affairs, that matters of epic significance such as this – remain little known.

In simple terms – 20/ 05/ 2012 is the event-horizon which we are about to cross, in order that humanity’s multi-dimensional birthright becomes animated. It is the ‘cosmic trigger’ for the descent/ascent of 12th dimensional harmonics into our field of expression. The Telluric intelligences (minerals and crystals of the earth) will be doing most of the work for us – on account of the fact that homo sapiens are still mostly unconscious. Minerals are not. Crystals most certainly not.

It is the first time in our ‘His’-tory that 12th dimensional subtle-plane forms are going to be able to connect (into ‘Her’-story) and lock into the awakening 3rd/4th/5th dimensional plane which we are currently navigating as a planet – and as a family of human, plant, animal and mineral expression. This means to say that the innate ‘crystal-logic’ is about to awaken, not only within the mineral strata of the entire earth, but also within the subtle-intelligence realm which lies deeply encoded within our human blood and our (junk) DNA. This esoteric subject matter is very unpalatable to many people as it deviates from the mechanistic and reptilian function of our commonly accepted (projected) ideas of causal reality. And this is precisely the point of the activation phase we are now entering – an epic movement (act of Grace) which offers us a path of lesser resistance; a more fluid exit-strategy from the painful process of duality which we have encountered by soul-covenant up to this stage in our evolution. This cosmic trigger will be serving humanity and the earth as the onset of a process which will see our graduation into a higher and less dense (entropic) dimensional state. At the planetary level this upgrade will become manifest – as it will at the cellular, molecular and atomic levels – and even beyond into the subtle intelligence-fields and etheric planes, which may be invisible to the eye – but not to our states of awareness.

We are invited on this day to enter into ceremony wherever we are on the planet: in order to participate in assisting that cosmic actuation of cascading energies – both from inner earth (Divine Feminine: as the crystal codes stream upwards) as well as from our sun (Divine Masculine: as the solar codes bear down upon us). Humans are the ultimate expression and living embodiment of both of those sublime forces and intelligences: the Earth and the Sun (forget about the moon – it has had thousands of years to serve its purpose as decoy to the realisation that the Divine Mother, source of the eternal Feminine, is in fact under our feet: our living Gaia). It is needful that we now acknowledge our home-planet as the life-giver and the nurturer and begin to transcend our civilisational addiction to plundering and raping the Divine Feminine in our midst. Global economy is predicated on the ravaging of our Mother Earth’s belly (minerals, oil, gas, uranium etc..). The masculating combustion (explosion) of those precious resources on the earths surface into false-fire systems are then ‘sold’ on to humanity as energy. Humanity is thus forced to mortgage itself far into the future – permissioning the ‘powers that be’ to remain as the status quo, ergo: we offer ourselves up for sacrifice. In this way we are kept enslaved within the mutant paradigm of wage-slavery and the idea of economic scarcity. Needing to ‘have a job’ and ‘pay bills’ has become the hallmark of an absurd and almost self-exterminating civilisation.

Time to grow up and shake off this bad-dream. And time to bid the dragon farewell.

We do this not by hitting a switch – or imagining that we can transcend the lower realms of expression by flapping our angelic wings and escaping the clutches of the demon. We do it instead, by acknowledging our chief function as homo-sapiens, which is to enter into our true sovereignty of expression. Become crowned as Sons and Daughters of G-d. In this place we assume the central role and function of all Third Density sentient expression and we become the living aspect of Divinity in this quadrant of the Multiverse. In this realisation, we are empowered to take our Dragon, the very idea of it as well as the reality of it – and lovingly absolve it into it’s next great phase of spiritual awakening – through the very centre of our awakened human hearts.

All that we see before us – is all that we have chosen to manifest. All that we have chosen to manifest – is exactly as it should be. In the now.

To own this fact – is to enter sovereignty and stand within ‘central-sun’. To own this fact is to depart from the survivalist, victimised, fight-or-flight, mechanistic tendency of human expression – and enter into a fluid and quantum field of expression and experience. The other.

So – this movement of awakening ourselves within the long-held Babylonian dream (of the idea of separation) is entirely necessary if we are to catch the wave of (so-called ascension) graduation into our next stage of spiritual evolution. It will mean having to become conversant with the principles and dynamics of an awakening Sacred Feminine. Needing to come to terms with stories like the truth of the moon, where it comes from and what it is made of – it’s purpose and its intent. The truth about the fate of our third density quadrant of the multiverse. Truth about the modern military industrial complex being driven by covert Canaanite ritualism. About egregious bloodlines which continue to course their way through history in all nations. The truth about ‘governments’ systemically evolving into the enemy of the people they are purposed to serve. The truth about modern medicine being the primary harbinger of death and disease. The truth about our religious institutions, their origins and their purpose. The truth about the ‘sacrifice of the blood of innocents’ – battles, wars and genocides being spun out in our midst by covert priesthoods. The truth about global drug-trafficking, pedophile rings and human-trafficking being engineered, cultivated, protected and rolled-out by the same nefarious invisible hand which all too often goes by the title: ‘Holy Father’, ‘Mr President’, ‘Your Excellency’, ‘Your Worship’, ‘Your Honour’. Not comfortable stories but seminal ones nonetheless. If we choose to bury heads and hold on to old and apparently safe conceptual frameworks – we will surely hurt in the times near at hand.

The crystal-logic and (intuitive) higher resonant understanding of reality which is now revealing itself en masse across the globe is at times a seemingly complex and abstract language – which can get confused as ‘conspiracy theoretic’ combined with ‘new-age’ hippy-speak. But in fact – it is revelation of the most accurate mathematical and scientific metric which we are now capable of. The great works of titans like Tesla, Schauberger, Velikovsky, Reich, Steiner et al – beginning to find validation in a human field of comprehension which staggers to its feet and fumbles in the quickening of a great new dawn.

Ayahuascan mind-fuck, quantum mathematics, tortian fields, the epiphany of ‘spin’, scalar and fractal energetics and the dimming hum of the Shamans chant are now merging into our new synthesis of knowledge. We could speak of it in terms of being a rebirthing of ancient logic, Atlantean and Lemurian intelligence…..but that might just confuse us even more. So lets not bother with old references and instead just focus on the present. The ‘now’ is all that is relevant. All that was ever relevant.

The zeitgeist is flaring up all over the world and beginning the process of unmasking the old Babylonian complex. The collapse of the global banking system is in turn revealing to us the nature of the secret-societies and covert elitism which has engineered and manipulated much of our story for millennia. Human addictions to playstations, daytime TV, alcohol, drugs, pornography and the very worst one of all: apathy – are testament to the fact that we are in a state of deep sleep. As far away as we could possibly navigate from our true expression….our true birthright.

Duality has been a great teacher and the ‘trial of separation’ a potent idea for the formation of human soul-expression. But they are now almost obsolete – and will find little purchase in the new earth. Zero-point looms into view as the true event-horizon. Which is to perfectly describe the human heart and it’s frequency ‘X’.

Where we resonate at frequency ‘X’ and above – we are assured a journey into the new time as cogent witness to the unfoldment – much like a surfer catching the early crest of a wave. Where we resonate at below frequency ‘X’ our ride is likely to be bumpy as hell – or entropically inclined toward death. So, where we place our consciousness in our hearts now determines the frequency bandwidth we will resonate at – and becomes all critical to us at this time. Ironic – because time itself is entering into dissolution in it’s accepted linear sense (not that it ever existed – even in the linear sense). Time is a measure of Fear. Fear is the absence of (vibral) Light. Time can be understood as a limited and limiting boundary of expression which is harboured within the broad expression of (universal) light.

Light – as it is commonly understood and experienced, as it permeates our third-density earthly field of reality, is one thing. The ‘vibral light’ which is now infusing our entire solar system as we move through the centre of the elliptical plane of the galaxy….is quite another. This vibral light – which carries the codes of the Supermental or Cosmic mind – can also be seen as ‘Grace’….the Grace of G-d in religious terms. Those human beings amongst us who are able to actively engage with this new field of light-reality, will in effect be seeing the world as though ‘through the eyes of a child’…..meaning to say: the meek are beginning to inherit the earth.

So, the question becomes, how do we resonate within or toward a field of frequency ‘X’ and above? How do we participate in catching the early wave of photonic intelligence as it courses through our solar system and penetrates every atom in our corner of the universe? And the answer is known to us before we have even truly fashioned the question. We are required to offload the luggage of the past. We are required to move beyond the idiot confines of our safety-modes. We are needing to forget everything that we think we know and instead enter into the great unknowing – get drunk on the ‘wisdom of insecurity’ for a little while….as we recalibrate. We are required to unhook and unhinge ourselves from relationship-attachments to people and objects, to ideas and to beliefs….if only for a quantum instant. And we are required to enter into the ‘now’…become absolutely still and enter into a state of ‘witness’.

This is not a religious trajectory, nor is it necessarily spiritual (all is within the field of spirit). But it is absolute – and it does invite us into momentary ‘surrender’ or ‘release’ of all of the false constructs of our reality field. In surrendering our false-light notions of ‘self’ – even for an instant, we are permitted to receive the codes (Grace) of Divinity. This process does not take any ‘time’ as it lies folded within and without time itself. It is the epiphany-zone which great thinkers, great artists and great achievements are born to. It is the absence of fear (time) in a perfect moment. Whereas it may have been a very long journey toward epiphany in times past – with the convolution of past, present and future into the zero-point of the 2012/2013 trigger, we are invited into that epiphany-zone now with exponentially less effort or resistance. It is yet another great aspect of the Grace which we are blessed to be experiencing at this time.

Simple ceremony can assist in this calibration of (Mer-Ka-Ba) ‘self-expression’ toward (Mer-Ka-Na) ‘self-being’ during the cosmic-trigger event of May 20th (or anytime thereafter leading up to 12/12/12).

As I have been asked by many folks to assist with ceremony on the 20th, I will only recommend the simplest exercise here of my own devise, which I also happen to believe is the most effective:

1)  Find a park or a garden or a forest.

2)  Find ‘your’ tree in that place….preferably away from noise.

3)  Sit with your back against the tree. Straight spine leaning against the tree from top-vertebrae all the away down to the coccyx (if you can).

4)  Shut your eyes as you enter into your own communion with Earth through the antenna system of the tree which honours your presence.

5)  In this place – acknowledge that you are the sum-total of the expression of all of the Earth.

6)  In this place – acknowledge that you have volunteered at the soul level to be here now.

7)  In this place – acknowledge that you are wilfully prepared to release all that ever was, all that is and all that ever will be….as ideas, as beliefs, as memories or as aspirations.

8)  Commend all of those hopes, fears, ideas, beliefs, memories and aspirations to the body of the tree which will carry the energetics from your spinal column into the earth and deliver them into dissolution.

9)  Hold nothing in your mind, nothing in your heart…..other than a question-mark…the simplest totem of your curiosity…as a multidimensional being sitting against a tree….spinning on a planet in the outer fringes of the spiral galaxy of the milky way….no more – no less.

(10)  See what you see……and then say your thanks to the tree.

Take this natural gift of zero-point with you into life…not as a new navigation system or as a new plan-of-action…but as a living principle of the abnegation of false-light worship (the full-spectrum idolatry which we are historically, civilisationally and currently bewitched into as a human race)….take it as the gift of inner silence – of poise – and of unbearable love toward ourselves and toward one another.


Source: RMN

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