The Venus Transit – June 5/6, 2012

The transit of Venus is a relatively rare astronomical phenomenon, where Venus the planet which orbits the sun closer than the Earth gets directly between the sun and the Earth. And so we see it literally moving across the face of the sun, it’s like a little mini eclipse. The next transit of Venus isn’t until December 10, 2117.

Venus will be transiting the sun for roughly seven hours. If you live on the East Coast, it’ll start at about 6 p.m. and end around 1 a.m. For different time zones, calculate accordingly. Obviously, the sun has to be in the sky to see the transit, so those of you living in Hawaii and Alaska are going to have the best viewing conditions. And just like an eclipse, whatever you do, don’t look directly at the sun during the transit without proper protection! It really can cause blindness or severe eye damage.  (Cara Santa Maria, HuffPost)

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