Why in the World Would I “Beam Love” to the Dark Cabal?

June 16, 2012 | Pat Donworth

“Beam love” to the dark cabal? You’re kidding me. Send love and light to George Bush? Queen Elizabeth? Seriously? Beam compassion to Pope Benedict XVI, aka Josef Ratzinger, the ‘iron fist’ of the Catholic Church’s doctrinal wing? Really?

Beam love to David Rockefeller? The Rothschilds? The Central Bankers? The Wall St CEOs? The guys who rejoice that our mortgages are underwater and we’re paying usurious rates on our credit cards? Send ‘them’ love?! You have SO got to be kidding.

No, not kidding. And, yes, that is exactly what we’re calling for.

With our Beam Love Nightly to the Cabal Meditation, which is being held daily until the last of the cabal has surrendered or turned to the Light, we’re asking you to join in sending/beaming love to the darkest, vilest, greediest, most war-mongering-, population-reducing-, gmo-poisoning-, gold-robbing-, high-finance thieving-, cold, mean-spirited, controlling, uncaring people on earth. And we can’t think of a more perfect group in need of LOVE and LIGHT.

Let me be clear what we’re asking you to do:

Beam love. Send light. Hold in compassion. Soak in peace. Raise the vibration. Saturate, drench, and envelope these dark, lost souls with the Light of Source, divine Love, and the transforming essence of Compassion. Surround, penetrate, and enfold the highest-ranking members of the dark cabal/illuminati with the greatest “weapon” — no, “instrument” — we have available. Not a weapon of war, but a sacrament of peace:  love, pure and simple.

Why ‘love’?

As a graduate student in theology, I studied the writing of the French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin — philosopher, cosmologist, and paleontologist. (And, yes, there are good Jesuits, far more in number than the archonian ‘elite’ at the top of the cabal.)

Teilhard de Chardin wrote of the “unfolding of the cosmos” and the “Omega Point” that is pulling all creation towards it. His book titles include The Phenomenon of Man, The Divine Milieu, The Future of Man, Activation of Energy, Heart of Matter — you get the point. This man was way ahead of his time. For Teilhard de Chardin, “Love” is the “stuff” of the entire creation and creative process. It is That from which Everything proceeds, it is That that keeps all in ‘process’, and it is That toward which all is being drawn — in a cyclical outward/inward rhythm, somewhat like the ebb and flow of the tides.

Predictably, such ‘cosmic’ and non-traditional ideas drew the ire — and condemnation — of the magisterium (read = archon/cabal)  and several of his books were censored by the Church. (Hmm . . . was there something in his writings that the dark forces didn’t want people to know?)

For Teilhard de Chardin, Love was the ultimate dynamic power of the cosmos. This dynamic power — Love — is called by many names:  Source, God, Universal Intelligence, Quantum, Holy Spirit, chi and hundreds of other names. But by whatever name, Love is the source of Everything, and the point from which Everything flows and the point toward which it is all returning, or, better said, toward which all is being drawn. Think whirling spiral of energy or movement moving out from a central point, or returning to a central point.

Solar systems spin around central suns. Galaxies spin around their galactic center. Galactic centers spin around ? – what shall we name it? If you could look at yourself with ‘cosmic vision’ you’d see that you are a spinning, whirling beautiful spiral of pulsating light, spinning around a central core or heart or point or spark that is Love. Love is the heart and soul of everything . . . solar systems, humans, angels, robins, starfish, the color blue, deep underground crystals, and your Uncle Charles. Oh, . . .  and George Bush, Jr., Queen Elizabeth, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, as well. (I know it’s hard to imagine, but stay with me.)

Perhaps even more important and a propos to our meditation, Love is the way (Jesus) or technology (Braden) by which to create the world, on every level.

And accessing Love may be the easiest act in the world . . . there is nothing to DO, nowhere to GO. Accessing Love is about BEing, ALIGNing, Becoming AWARE. And it’s greater than any man-made — and certainly archon/lower-dimensional —  creation or force. Love’s other name is Light, and Light effortlessly dissipates and extinguishes the dark. (And, yes, it’s about physics, if you want to examine it from that angle.) Dark disappears or runs from Light’s Presence. And that’s why a group of people, aligned with Love/Light, in a focused intention, centered in the heart (the gateway to higher dimension) can accomplish GREAT things . . . without lifting the proverbial finger. Whether lowering crime rates or healing cancer, changing the direction of hurricane winds, or drawing down rain on parched land or forest fires — Love IS the technology to create alternate realities, to shift timelines, to organize disordered energy patterns, to reorient chains of events, to transmute thought patterns, to block and redirect sophisticated thought weaponry.

Love, the open secret of the Universe

To recap: to know the secret of the Universe is to know Love and what it truly is and how it works. Love is all there is. And to align the conscious heart with Love may just be the most powerful technology — certainly on Earth — but probably in the cosmos, as well.

Now, as we find ourselves caught in this endless ‘dance’ of the transition into a new world, we need Love more than ever.  The cabal and their minions are pulling out all the stops, as are their unseen progenitors and puppet masters. Whoever or wherever we are, or on whatever side of the picket line or recall line, Occupy protest, bank desk, political aisle, corporate office, or military battle line . . . Love transmutes lines and divisions, sides and parties, differences and defenses into a higher synthesis born of recognizing our natural  ‘oneness’. Love seeps into the places that weapons of fear are powerless to block. Love seeps into hearts buried and encrusted with millennia of built-up hatred and fear, greed and animosity.

As far as humans go, whether you are saint or sinner, Henry Kissinger or Mother Teresa, cabal trillionaire or paycheck-to-paycheck Joe or Josephine just trying to make ends meet, underneath the “costume” of your lifetime/ego/personality, there is only Love, and it is the Center of everyone and everything. Forget magical powers; to grasp that truth is to wake up and see past the Veil, past the illusions, past the delusions, past the propaganda, past the gigantic societal memes erected by the cabal to keep you blind. Congratulations. When you wake up to the Power of Love, you go from blind to 20/20 in the blink of an insight.

But here’s the hard part for some. Or, to restate my article title: Why in the world would I beam love to the dark cabal?  For some, that truth may be understandable and welcome; for others, it may not make any sense at all, and many may cry ‘Foul!” or “It isn’t ‘fair’!” After all, these greedy bastards don’t deserve love, they deserve justice and a jail cell. But the saints and sages, mystics, poets, and awakened ones — known and unknown — have taught what they know: everyone is an expression of Source. And, as hard as it may be to understand, let alone grasp and acknowledge, no one gets locked out of Love, not even the ‘bad guys’.

By the way, Love doesn’t replace justice and jail cells. It’s not an either / or. Nor does Love demand that we forget the crimes or follow through with justice. Not at all. If the proper authorities deem a jail cell or other form of punishment is in order, all well and good.

Love, the true ‘disarmament’

But Love may move evil-encrusted souls to soften and embrace the light, to relinquish their clinging to low-vibration entities, rituals, and psychological software programs. I believe the tide has turned, in that humanity seeks a peaceful solution, a peaceful transition, a non-cataclysmic changeover to the new economy and new society. Love can pave that way by ‘disarming’ the hearts and minds of the cabal and their minions. This is the true disarmament. The true “stand down.” The true surrender.

And that’s why we BEAM.

We ‘beam love’ and send love to transmute darkness, low vibrations, fear, greed, and duality. We ‘beam love’ to release the cabal caught in lower vibrations and darkness. We ‘beam love’ to soften the barriers around the heart and pineal gland. We beam love to awaken and clear frozen, cluttered, and dead chakras that have lost of light of life. We beam love to infuse the auric bodies with life, light, and love. We beam love, perhaps most of all, because Love will find the piece / peace of itself already there deep in the heart — however buried — of the darkest and most fearful of the cabal.

And I suspect that’s why Pierre Teilhard de Chardin could write:

“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

In fact, this kind of ‘cosmic love’ is more like fire, in the way it transforms and cooks and clears and cleans and transmutes and brings us back to the ground zero of our basic ‘beingness’. This is the “love” of the BEAM LOVE experiment.

Love, the way of the spiritual warrior

This is the “love” we’re inviting you to beam into and all around those lost, dark souls who have, yes, made life on earth a living hell for so many . . . down through 13 millenia. And if you say, “Nope. Not for me. Let those SOBs rot for all I care.” — we’ll understand.

But we know there are millions and millions of ‘love beamers’ out there who are ready to join forces with other beamers to transform our old, tired, debt-crushing-, cabal-ruled world into a new, dynamic, loving, creative, unitive, and abundant-on-every-level new world by extending the power of love to these lost souls.

We’re not saying this is the only way. It’s one way. The way of the spiritual warrior and we offer our meditation as a complement to the various ways and means being used to neutralize and eliminate the power and control of the cabal in our world. Sending love is one instrument among many in bringing about the shift, the transformation of the ages.

But let’s be clear that this is not a one-way meditation. Love doesn’t take sides; nor can it be bought — even by the ‘good guys’. Love Is. And to give love is to receive love. Beaming love is multi-directional. You cannot beam love to others without experiencing the very Love you are sending. (Okay, “sending” is not quite the right word, as nothing is really being “sent.” It’s a matter of becoming “aware” of the substratum . . . Love . . . that is always and everywhere present. Our 3-D brain calls it ‘beaming’ or  ‘sending’ but it’s more ‘becoming aware of’.)

So, by beaming love to the cabal, we are also loving and cleaning and clearing ourselves at the same time. And the more love that flows through us, the more powerful we are to effect the changes that we are now called to make. And the more loving we can look upon those who are not quite up to speed or who may be experiencing fear, anger, or even apathy at this time. Ask anyone who has participated in our meditation so far . . . the more love we give, the more we feel and receive. We’re in this together, like it or not.

And make no mistake: once we know how to extend, send, beam, resonate with, or simply “recognize” the love in another . . . we will have acquired the ability to change the world. And this is why, I believe, Teilhard de Chardin could write that once “we .  .  . harness for God the energies of love  . . . for a second time in the history of the world, [we] will have discovered fire.”

We have always had the power to save ourselves. The jewel has always been in the lotus. The spiritual force of transformation has always been within our grasp. A simple group meditation such as BEAM LOVE makes it real. This is crunch time, we’re dancing on the razor’s edge. The Light has already ‘won’, but we’re in 3-D and we have to play out the timeline, which, paradoxically, we’re creating as we go along.

‘Lighting up the cabal, from the inside-out’

The ‘insiders’ talk about the ‘surrender of the cabal’ – and that may indeed be so. They talk of ‘arrests’ and trials and crimes-against-humanity tribunals, and that may indeed be so. And, in the name of justice, it probably will be so. And probably needs to be so.

But our meditation is about the inner transformation of these dark souls. Of divine Love transforming them from the inside-out, of drawing them ‘into the light’. We seek a peaceful surrender and relinquishing, a peaceful transition, a seamless switchover to a new economic system and governance structure. By ‘turning the light on within’, these dark souls may naturally make the moves and steps born out of love, light, and the relinquishing of their dark ways.

If these words speak to you, then join us in saturating the physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies of the cabal with divine, cosmic love and light (love = light). Let’s help the cabal members open into their spiritual selves.

You call yourselves by many names . . . light workers, light warriors, spiritual warriors; yogis, meditators, consciousness pioneers; “good hearts”, “loving individuals”; “awakening” and “awakened”. Maybe you don’t identify yourself with any label, you just live from your heart and have realized that the love of God / Source / Quantum Consciousness lies at the heart of all and is drawing all now to truly live as One.

And even if you’ve never tried anything like this before, join us. It’s easy. It’s simple. Do you know what love is? Have you tasted it? Felt it? Yes? I know you have. There. You’re qualified.

For details about the meditation, visit Beam Love Nightly to the Cabal Meditation.

In a nutshell, the meditation takes place nightly at 6:30 PM Pacific / 9:30 PM Eastern, for 30 minutes (or as much of that as you’re able). We’re holding the meditation until the last cabal member has surrendered, transformed, or is no longer in a position to influence or affect human society in any negative way.

Note: for our European friends, please join the meditation at a time that is convenient for your schedules, as 9:30 PM Eastern would have you meditating in the middle of the night. If that works for you, all well and good. But since time doesn’t exist in the higher dimensions, we’ll all agree that “whenever” you offer this meditation is the perfect time. And that goes for anyone who finds our timings inconvenient to your schedule. However, I invite as many as possible to “hold that 30-minute” space formally as the collective effect has been proven to have greater effect, in general, than single efforts.

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be beautiful, if this BEAM LOVE meditation gradually evolved into a 24-hr transmission of love and light to the cabal. Why not? There are certainly enough of us!

We’ve set up a facebook group — www.facebook.com/groups/BeamLoveNightly — so fellow meditators have a place to share their experiences and access information that supports the meditation.

May Love / Source bless and fill every particle of your being, and may the blessing and healing of love touch not only the members of the Powers That Were (i.e. cabal), but every living being — human, animal, bird, fish, all creatures, plants, and elements, and Mother Earth herself. May the Divine Feminine bring all of us back to center, to balance, to cooperation, and Oneness.

So be it. So shall it be. And so it is.



About Pat Donworth, D.Min.

I express myself as teacher, writer, and consciousness explorer. These driving interests have manifested in my work/service as a university and hospital chaplain; a book and magazine writer/editor, and teacher and workshop leader. I designed this blog to be a portal that points to and assists awakening souls to implement, and make practical, the changes that will usher in a new world based on unity, compassion, and collaboration.
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    Thank you, Pat.

  2. Pat, this is an insightful article. Love energy will benefit those who have enough light in them if they are open and not too fearful. Thank you.

    • Pat Donworth says:

      Thank you, Sandralouise, so nice that you are here. Blessings!

      • And, also, Pat, if they do not have enough light in them…if they are all dark inside (spiritually dead), what then? And, we have many of such in the elite sector. The love energy could either bounce right off…or aggitate them so badly they will eventually fold up. Personally, I believe the latter. Enjoy your work. Carry on, my friend!

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  4. Gosse Beerda says:

    This is such a beautiful post and exactly what we got taught in the Native American sweatlodge ceremonies. To always pray for those you ‘hate’ most, so they will be able to transform into love & light. Thanks a lot Pat, this article means the world to me 🙂

  5. Janice Collins says:

    Love conquers all for one more reason — it vibrates higher than any other emotion BY FAR!
    As a people, our history shows, we have tried everything else –everything except heat would really work!!

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