Bill Brockbrader Update . . . O Happy Day!

June 26, 2012 | Pat Donworth

Bill Brockbrader was released from federal detention today. Thanks to the generosity of his friends and supporters, and the tireless efforts of his partner and colleague Eva Moore, Bill left ADA County Jail this afternoon, June 26. He’ll be preparing for his much anticipated court date in July.

To all who responded to requests for donations to help with securing bail, we cannot thank you enough. It showed how a community can pull together when needed. To those who spread the word through article reposts on blogs, chatrooms, groups, etc., many thanks for your support. The power of networking is alive and well!

Bill mentioned that he will be doing a show at Wolf Spirit Radio between now and Sunday. We will post schedule information as soon as we have it.

Bill alluded to a full agenda as he continues his work to secure constitutional rights for all Americans. As I mentioned previously, Bill is a gifted patriot, soldier, and scientist, and has much to contribute to our world.

View Bill’s interviews here
If you would like to learn more about Bill’s work or view his interviews, please visit his website at .

On the home page, you will see “Interviews” on the right side, and you can click Audio or Video links.

If you would like to join Bill’s facebook page, click here.

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