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Beam Love Nightly Global Meditation

*This is an ongoing, daily meditation

It’s ‘Crunch Time’ and we’re issuing a call to all members of the ‘love and light’ brigade across the globe to come together and stand in the new energies and new light of compassion and love for the cabal members.

We invite you to participate in a 30-minute — or however many minutes you can offer — nightly meditation — 6:30 PM Pacific / 9:30 PM Eastern — to “beam love” to the cabal. Transformation through Love. Transformation through the inner workings of Love and Light in the cells and souls of the high-ranking members of the illuminati/cabal, as well as all the second-tier lieutenants, minions, banksters, CEOs, politicians, military, alpha agencies, intelligence, etc. that carry out the cabal’s agenda, often under threat of death or harm to themselves and their families.

‘Beam Love’ to the Cabal/Illuminati focus:

Our focus is to “beam” or send love, compassion, healing, peace and Light to the cabal and their minions, setting the intention to call them to remembrance of who they really are (Divine Spirit beings) and to return to the Light. We’ll focus on their main front men/women, i.e. George Bush, Sr., Queen Elizabeth, Lord Jacob Rothschild, the Vatican (includes Jesuits, the Pope, the hierarchy), the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and to whoever else you feel led to BEAM YOUR LOVE!

You may wish to focus on specific individuals, a group, or send love to all. May we suggest you end your meditation with a few minutes of love and light for the Earth, her human children, and all life on Earth. As well, that the transformation into our New Earth and Society comes about seamlessly and peacefully, drawing all people on Earth together in mutual support, collaboration, and love.

We BEAM love also to the allies, “insiders”, whistleblowers, white hats, white knights, “good guys”, Resistance Force, the Pleiadians and other ETs and EDs — and all awakening and awakened light workers, light warriors living and working on every level of this Amazing Shift.

Whether an insider, military, teacher, banker, parent, nurse, blogger, journalist, farmer, energy healer or the hundreds of light worker roles we play, we each have specific and unique roles critical to manifesting this magnificent Shift. And we can all BEAM.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Let’s BEAM for one another, as well.

“All for One. One for All.” We are all in this Together.

Recap: Nightly Beaming

Time: 6:30 Pacific / 9:30 Eastern Daylight

*Please use this converter to find your corresponding time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Note on “time”: We realize that in the higher dimensions, there is no time, that each ‘Now’ is perfect. So, for our European brother and sisters, we realize that 9:30 PM Eastern Daylight would have you up in the middle of the night. So we invite you to choose a comfortable and convenient time to participate in this meditation. “All time is Source’s time and it’s all good!” However, for those in other timezones able to participate in the 9:30 PM – 10:00 PM window, we’ll hold that space for you to join us there. (Thank you, Lucas!)

Duration: 30 minutes, or whatever part of that you can give

However, feel free to offer this meditation at any time during the day or night, or many times as you wish. We’ll formally hold the 30-minute space each night, so you know you are connecting with others around the globe at this time. And we know that numbers magnify effect.


Note: For those who have your own meditation style for sending light and love, please just do what you beautifully do, but focus on our group intention:

To send love, compassion, healing, peace and Light to the members of the cabal

For those who prefer structured steps, here are simple guidelines:

1. Relax body and mind: take a few deep breaths to disconnect from outside activity and noises; pull in, center, and align with your Core/Heart, and Source. You might want to focus on your in- and out-breaths, as you feel the air passing in and out of your nostrils. Some find it helpful to adjoin a word to the outbreath, such as “peace”, “one”, or a mantra of choice. Quiet down until you feel yourself settling into a serene, still space.

2. Visualize the Light in you and all around you. Feel it penetrate into every cell of your body, filling all the “space” in all the cells of your body. Filling your physical, etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual bodies. When you feel ‘primed and pumped’, move to Step 3.

3. Visualize the cabal/illuminati as you typically imagine them and “beam love” to them, on them, and in them. Beam love from your heart center/torus and hold them in your heart-centered shower of light and love. Allow yourself to be flooded with the love of Source and “beam” this Love (light, peace, compassion, etc.) to the members of the cabal. Imagine the love surrounding, penetrating, soaking, embracing either individual members or the cabal as a whole. Hold this “love beam” from your heart.

Variations: You may prefer to choose an individual or two, e.g. George H.W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth, Pope Benedict, or you might “beam” to a group, such as the Jesuit cabal, or the Rockefellers or Rothschilds. You will know just whom to focus your attention.

You can then do the same for the Earth, the human family, all of Earth’s children (animal, vegetal, mineral, and elemental life, ), and for one another.

4. Visualize the Divine Feminine within all of the cabal, including the leaders of all countries, to shift their energies to serve the highest good of humanity and the planet. (Suggested by Geoffrey West — thanks Geoffrey!)

5. Come out of the meditation slowly and gently. Note any feelings or new insights you may have.


We encourage as many people to join in this nightly meditation as possible, as there is certainly power in numbers. The more people we can call together to send love, forgiveness, compassion and healing to the cabal, with the intention of reminding them of who they are and what they can do to return to the Light (aka surrender!), the better.

Please join us as often as you can. This will be an ONGOING DAILY MEDITATION. Please invite your family, friends, colleagues. Feel free to email and/or re-post this article (with source attributions) far and wide, to fb groups, forums, chat rooms, message boards, etc. If you have a blog or website, I ask you to re-post in its entirely, with hotlinks.

A special “thank you” to Beverly and Geoffrey for their help and suggestions.

Blessings and Love to All,


About Pat Donworth, D.Min.

I express myself as teacher, writer, and consciousness explorer. These driving interests have manifested in my work/service as a university and hospital chaplain; a book and magazine writer/editor, and teacher and workshop leader. I designed this blog to be a portal that points to and assists awakening souls to implement, and make practical, the changes that will usher in a new world based on unity, compassion, and collaboration.
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    The effectual fervent prayer (mediation) of a righteous man availeth much.

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