Let’s Visualize Hurricane Sandy Turning East into Open Water

For all of you who believe in the Power of Love and Light, we ask you to join in visualizing Hurricane Sandy, sending her your love and light, and guiding her to turn eastward into the open Atlantic waters, and away from the U.S.  and the heavy population centers of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Visualize whenever you can, by yourself or in a group with others. Love is the Greatest Power in the Universe and can do ALL Things.

Thank you and spread the word!

About Pat Donworth, D.Min.

I express myself as teacher, writer, and consciousness explorer. These driving interests have manifested in my work/service as a university and hospital chaplain; a book and magazine writer/editor, and teacher and workshop leader. I designed this blog to be a portal that points to and assists awakening souls to implement, and make practical, the changes that will usher in a new world based on unity, compassion, and collaboration.
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10 Responses to Let’s Visualize Hurricane Sandy Turning East into Open Water

  1. Laura says:

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

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  3. Polly says:

    I’m visualizing it turning just to the right of 2 p.m. Sunday spot…..curving gently out to sea.

  4. wherermywings says:

    Since I geographically live in an area Sandy is “due” to effect, I have been visualizing exactly this, that no harm shall come to anyone on the Eastern Coast of USA. Thank you for posting this!

    • Pat Donworth says:

      Thank you, Amy, let’s all get together and visualize! My family and many, many friends live in the area, as well. Blessings to you and yours. Let’s send dear Sandy to a safe place. Pat

  5. brenda yaqueline lira abrego says:

    esta listo, esta conseguido., dios los bendice.

  6. Polly says:

    This morning the weather forecast (the generic one) on weather channel site reads “Showers/Wind” instead of “Rain/Wind” for Tuesday in my area of Vermont. Keep on visualizing.

  7. pupma says:

    I believe this is a Gaia cleaning and clearing.
    I pray for gentleness as this process will open up other doors to our new lives, our new world.
    The vast amount of human negativity over eons of time must be cleared and cleaned to make room for wonderous changes in our hearts and in our spirits.
    Think and act in all ways, at all times, with Love. Pay attention to your thoughts.
    Allow this clearing to take place but, just pray for it be as gentle as possible, all for the greater good, for all on Gaia, in our universe and in our galaxy.
    This is the beginning of clearing and cleaning up Gaia.
    What a truly exciting time to live in. No fear! Faith in a higher power is all that is needed.
    The 2nd 2012 Scenario Sedona Conference in Sedona Arizona is vailable on line this week!!!
    I attended the 1st Conference last weekend and it was simply unbelievable. Don’t miss this!
    http://www.the2012scenario.com (Steve Beckow)
    Bless you all with an abundance of love energies & light from above ((:

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