POOF for March 17: FINITO

PoofMarch 17, 2013 | RMN

Greetings and Salutations.

Today in China:



No mention of Jack Lew or Christine Lagarde’s presence there but, they are. It’s stacking up to be kick off party. Raise some plum wine glasses up and shove this world into the 21st century. The rvs are on the move thru the world. The currency people are celebrating already. I hear they have already put some folks under house arrest so there will be no interruptions or delays, with the fulfillment of things the world has awaited.

Hint: same bunch that was held at camp david during the 2008 elections, cell phones removed and held.

Right down to the last moment and still they fight for survival. Like cockroaches, yank their legs off, they’ll still keep it up.

No matter the chatter on the web, the reagan/mitterand protocols are very much alive, despite attempts to kill the chief people behind them. No such thing as the money has disappeared. Even coyotes can out trick themselves and end up in a trap. The 4th reich will not get the funding to start up again. There is enforcement but, no need for martial law so, some of you put the fire out, you got on top of your head. Don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see. Illusion is how they worked the masses for years.

One of the biggest changes that happened out here was they made the vatican bank basel 3 compliant after the big hose out. One of the reason some folks are laying in hospitals right feeling ‘peakish’. The new pope signed off when things were explained to him. When your self worth is totally wrapped up in money, when it’s taken away you might get stomach problems…belly aches. The colin gets tied in knots. Don’t know if you want to puke or have explosive diarrhea. But you can be sure that diaper makers are having max profits right now. Jeeze…even jamie dimon of jp morgan/chase is under a microscope right now, lolol I have to laugh, he was the guy who said basel 3 was unamerican, why because you can’t steal anymore with impunity? He doesn’t even own that bank so, I’m sure the owners have something planned for his ‘vacation’.

Dealing with every little thing done in 100+ years to correct it all and move forward…equally across the globe, was an ordeal, no one wants to do again. Do it right now so you don’t have to repeat it any time soon. Ok, I’ll see you all later, got bigger fish to fry out in this big world. It had to end sometime. By all that I have, the end has come with new beginnings in the same moment. Like dominoes, one thing leads to another, do take a moment and observe. I know it’s all new so, engage the common sense muscle and put it to good use. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! If you need me, I’ll be available until the door bell pulls me away.

Love and Kisses,

‘There Will be Peace in the Valley’


DAVID BOWIE – China Girl Lyrics
Album: Let’s Dance
Genre: Rock
Listen while you read!
Songwriters: David Jones, James Osterberg

Oh oh oh ohhhh, little China Girl
Oh oh oh ohhhh, little China Girl

I could escape this feeling, with my China Girl
I feel a wreck without my little China Girl
I hear her heart beating, loud as thunder
Saw they stars crashing

I’m a mess without, my little China Girl
Wake up in the morning where’s my little China Girl
I hear her heart’s beating, loud as thunder
I saw the stars crashing down

I feel a tragic like I’m Marlon Brando
When I look at my China Girl
And I could pretend that nothing really meant too much
When I look at my China Girl

I stumble into town, just like a sacred cow
Visions of swastikas in my head
Plans for everyone
It’s in the whites of my eyes

My little China Girl you shouldn’t mess with me
I’ll ruin everything you are
Y’know, I’ll give you television I’ll give you eyes of blue
I’ll give you a man who wants to rule the world

And when I get excited
My little China Girl says
“Oh baby just you shut your mouth”
She says, “Sh sh shhh”
She says, “Sh sh shhh”
She says, she says

And when I get excited my little China Girl says
“Oh baby just you shut your mouth”
And when I get excited my little China Girl says
“Oh baby just you shut your mouth”

She says, “Sh-sh-shhh”
She says

Oh oh oh ohhhh, little China Girl
Oh oh oh ohhhh, little China Girl
Oh oh oh ohhhh, little China Girl
Oh oh oh ohhhh, little China Girl



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