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Cobra – August 20, 2012 – Operation Dreamland

August 20, 2012 | Source by Cobra Operation Dreamland Operation Dreamland is an operation of the Light forces to start a new Renaissance on the surface of this planet. The first Renaissance 500 years ago has been initialized by a … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford – August 20, 2012 – Frenzy Of Murder, Attempted Murder And Threats Of Mass Terror Are All Part Of Cabal Death Throes

August 20, 2012 | Source by Benjamin Fulford On August 10th, Dr. Michael Van de Meer, AKA Dr. Michael Meiring, died in his sleep in extremely suspicious circumstances. Dr. Meiring was a very private individual who had to change his … Continue reading

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Boycott Rush: Updated list of Limbaugh’s Sponsors

Boycott Rush Limbaugh’s Sponsors This is our current list of Rush Limbaugh supporters as of 03/05/12. Because of the massive protest against Rush Limbaugh and his sponsors, almost every sponsor we had on our list has pulled their advertising … Continue reading

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