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Roubini: Break Up the Banks or Hang Someone in the Streets

July 8, 2012 | Business Insider What can we do to prevent banking scandals? In a recent interview, Bloomberg’s Caroline Connan asked Nouriel Roubini what he thought about the Barclays LIBOR rate-fixing scandal. Rather than addressing it directly, Roubini argued … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman: ‘Bernanke Has Been Assimilated by the Borg’

No kidding. HuffPost | April 29, 2012 Paul Krugman doubled down on criticism of Ben Bernanke on Sunday, telling ABC’s “This Week” that the Fed Chairman has “been assimilated by the Borg.” “I think what’s happened to Bernanke, as they … Continue reading

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We Are Entering the Cataclysmic Stage of the Fake Wealth Era

Fake wealth = creating money from nothing (“financialization”). This article serves a a primer of the Fed’s creation of  “debt as an asset” for the fiat money creators and their banking partners. The Good News is that the debt economy … Continue reading

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