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GM Grass Linked to Texas Cattle Deaths

Pat: Imagine that. A cabal-owned major media company has used the words “GM” (genetically modified), “linked” and “cattle deaths” in the same headline. Be still my beating heart. There is apparently a public relations war raging behind the scenes. Monsanto … Continue reading

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GMO Takedown

“If you have not noticed, a revolution is underway! Our high-tech rifles, horses, catapults and cannons are the internet, petitions, rallies, protests, and other acts of civil disobedience. We are using our passionate hearts and community networking, our growing activism, … Continue reading

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Poland Announces Complete Ban on Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Maize

Following the anti-Monsanto activism launched by nations like France and Hungary, Poland has announced that it will launch a complete ban on growing  Monsanto’s  genetically modified strain MON810. Natural Society, April 5, 2012 The announcement, made by Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki, sets … Continue reading

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FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign

Mike Barrett, Activist Post March 29, 2012 While the Food and Drug Administration has seemingly reached the limit for unbelievable behavior, the company’s decisions continue to astound and appall consumers and health activists alike. In the agency’s latest decision, undoubtedly … Continue reading

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