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The Euro Has [Unofficially] Collapsed . . . NOTE: This is NOT the Final Red Screen, June 14, 2012

Pat: Please read the following with discernment. The announcement was sent to Steve Quayle, and he reposted at his website. I usually do not post speculative articles, but I’m going to go ahead, as I’ve seen this reposted at a … Continue reading

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Greek Elections: A Referendum on the Euro?

Pat: The eyes of the world will be on the Greek elections this Sunday. No matter from which perspective you look at it, the financial future of the globe may be at stake. June 15, 2012 | TIME Greeks go … Continue reading

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Why Greece Will Default, Leave the Euro Zone

CNBC | Feb 10, 2012 Pat: This article was written by John Carney, senior editor, at CNBC.com. Seems highly prophetic and a piece of common sense to me. Lots of rumblings and tweeting about “drachmas” today. We shall see . … Continue reading

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Greek Town Implements Revolutionary Barter System Without Euro

Activist Post | April 22, 2012 Greece continues along a path toward self-sufficiency that could very well see them break free from their debt servitude. In the wake of their pillaging by international financiers, Greeks who have realized that protesting … Continue reading

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